The strength of our company stems from standing together for one common purpose.

Phalanx complete is our comprehensive support offering that provides unlimited helpdesk support, pre-scheduled onsite support, 24×7 monitoring of critical systems and infrastructure as well as, all the benefits of Helpdesk Plus and AdviseIT. Phalanx will take care of all of your IT systems’ needs for a low fixed annual rate paid monthly. We can be your networking team, or we can work hand in hand with your in-house IT team to provide them with additional support. Most small business cannot afford in-house expertise on all things IT, and at some point, will find the need to partner with an outside service provider so why not work with one focused on your best interest?


Our model is not a one size fits all solution, we will customize our services and pricing to fit your company’s needs based on your business goals and a detailed network assessment. You won’t be locked into a long-term binding agreement that leaves you at our mercy either. Our agreement is simple, straightforward, and can be canceled at any time if you aren’t satisfied with our services. A lot of support companies like to hold the keys to the kingdom so to speak locking you into complex hard to break support agreements. We just want to be the mote around the kingdom to keep it safe and operational. Phalanx is built on client satisfaction and mutually beneficial working relationships with our clients. Not on sales pitches and always pushing more technology than you need. Long-term partnerships are our goal, so if you are looking for a go-to IT services provider let’s get started!

Private cloud? Public cloud? Hybrid cloud? Is your company contemplating migrating to the cloud? Have you already migrated to the cloud and have challenges? Phalanx can help your company with the sometimes-difficult transition to cloud services. Gracefully migrating existing platforms to cloud platforms can be costly and cause excessive downtime if not properly planned and executed. Allow us to help you make the move to a cloud-based solution using our experience and expertise. Peace of mind matters when you change the way your organization uses technology, and we get it.

Phalanx Technology is rooted in its years of network security experience. Every system we design and implement has security as a primary objective. Network security is no longer as simple as a firewall and anti-virus, it takes a holistic approach to design and secure your company’s vital data. With the dramatic increase of remote workers, securing your network and educating those employees on security best practices is a must. Many businesses are being subjected to new laws governing their IT security, is your company compliant? We would be happy to help you review your current security posture and protocols.

Your business operates on your network infrastructure via your routers and switches. Data and voice systems are merging, and it is becoming more and more critical to have the expertise to support and manage the infrastructure that runs your business. Phalanx Technology can help optimize your data network for cloud provisioning, voice-over IP, site-to-site corporate networks, or even small single-site networks. We can work with you to make sure your computer and voice systems are reliable, secure, and stable.

Phalanx Technology has experience deploying on-premises systems, cloud-hosted platforms, security systems, network infrastructure, plus many more customized systems. We use our experience in these areas to provide project management on each project to ensure they are cost-effective and on time.

Most small businesses and organizations don’t have the luxury of a full-time suite of C-level executives to advise them on their technology, financial, and operational needs. This leaves most companies to reply on internet research and maybe past experience. So how does an organization decide on the best technology to build a network that will support its business today, can scale up into the future, and remain secure and flexible at the same time? You partner with a company that can advise you on everything from what systems to implement to how best to budget for capital and operational expenses. We realize that there is more to running a profitable business than the technology you use.


AdviseIT covers things such as industry-specific best practices around technology, real estate requirements, and even employee retention advice. Why not leverage our almost 60 years of combined industry experience to help you get positioned for greater success? We have honed our skills based on our experiences working for large corporations and by spending the last decade and a half supporting small businesses, so now we want to share this knowledge with you. Our goal is simple. Bring more money to your bottom line.

Have you ever wished you could tell your employees to just call the helpdesk for support but then realize you don’t have one for them to call? With so many things to deal with on a daily basis, the last thing you have time for is trying to help someone connect a printer or figure out an email issue. Even if you have an in-house team they can become overwhelmed with support requests which have a ripple effect on their ability to provide the level of support you need and expect. Is that new software rollout pushed again? Probably because your network team is busy putting out fires. If you’re an independent consultant how do you support multiple customer service requests while keeping projects on track? Helpdesk Plus is designed to provide frontline coverage for all of these scenarios.


Our team takes the first call, works to remediate it, and tracks it using our robust ticketing system. From there we keep you and your team up to date so the appropriate next steps can be taken to resolve the issue. How much time and money would you save by having a team of IT experts on standby? We even take it one step further with deployable engineers to go onsite in those cases where a phone just won’t do the job. Our support team and engineers are employees of Phalanx, so we aren’t outsourcing your critical service needs to a third party. We will get to know you, your network, and your employees which will allow us to build a meaningful partnership over time. That the Helpdesk Plus difference.


Success is driven by our steadfast support of our clients, employees, and strategic partners to deliver the best solution.

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