The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The strength of our company stems from standing together for one common purpose.

About Phalanx

Who is Phalanx? Better yet, what is a Phalanx?

It’s meaning originated around 1550 BC and while it has several differing meanings the one that most closely aligns with our mission and core values and is: “a number of individuals, especially persons united for a common purpose.”

Our mission is simple. Provide the best possible protection and support to our clients. Period. We replace complexity and sales pitches with simplicity and consistent execution.

Our company values are rooted in always doing the right thing, and always protecting the best interest of our clients, employees, and our partners. While other companies may try to dazzle you with the catchphrase of the day, we will give you peace of mind with simple effective solutions and outstanding support.

Allow us to show you the Phalanx way while we work with you to build a shield around your IT investments.

Phalanx Complete

Phalanx complete brings together all the best that we have to offer to form a comprehensive IT service and support offering. Read More
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Advisory services focused on IT and operations to ensure that the two are design to support your business.
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Success is driven by our steadfast support of our clients, employees, and strategic partners to deliver the best solution.

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